Would you like to pay ZERO in monthly processing fees?

Businesses Across America are taking charge of their payment processing fees by eliminating them completely!

Traditional Processing versus our Cash Discount option

Merchant Account

Utilizing our “Cash Discount” program on the Chamber Nation Platform you will not pay any percentages or transaction fees on all authorized transactions.
  • All Visa Cards – 0% & $0.00 Transaction Fee
  • All MC Cards – 0% & $0.00 Transaction Fee
  • All Discover Cards – 0% & $0.00 Transaction Fee
  • All Amex Cards – 0% & $0.00 Transaction Fee
  • Statement Fee – $0.00
  • PCI Fee – $0.00
  • Annual Fee – $0.00
The card holder is charged 3.99% on all transactions as a “Non Cash Adjustment.

Payment Gateway

  • Customer Vault – $7.00/mo (Optional)
    PCI compliant encrypted and tokenized customer credit card and ACH account data
    storage. Tokenization allows merchants to process transactions without transmitting
    without transmitting credit card or ACH account data.
  • Gateway transaction fee $0.10/transaction
  • Automatic Card Updater – $10.00/mo (Optional)Account Updater is a service that helps ensure uninterrupted payment for your customers by seamlessly updating card-on-file account information. When a cardholder’s information changes, you will receive updated account information which may include new account numbers, new expiration dates, closed account and/or contact cardholder notifications.(Requires Customer Vault)
  • Monthly Gateway – $10.00/mo

Mobile Payments

  • Bluetooth mobile reader – $129.00
  • Monthly mobile gateway – $10.00 per reader
  • Mobile transaction fee $0.15
  • Works on Android/IOS products
  • Accept payments on mobile data or Wi-Fi